Swim Area

Swim Area Update as of Thursday, June 20

We are having a difficult time hiring lifeguards for several reasons including a shortage of certified lifeguards which is driving a

highly competitive employment environment.  At present, we have one full-time and one part time lifeguards. I am interviewing a second, full-time candidate on Friday (6/21).  The OYC Swim facilities have passed Cayuga County Health Department inspection.

At this time, our target for opening swimming is next Friday, 28 June. 

We will be able to open on a limited basis with two full-time lifeguards, with the parttime filling in some holes.

We are actively recruiting and ask that OYC members speak to any lifeguards they know about working part-time at the OYC.


Additionally, this is the Health Department Mandate:




Thank you, Tyson Tyson Turner 

 315-800-3314 cell

Various roped in areas for all swim abilities.

Certified lifeguards

Comfortable seating area.

Waterfront & Boating



Waterfront Policies

Use of club owned boats


Club-Owned Boats

Paddles and life jackets for all the above boats and are located under the main deck.

Age restrictions

Other guidelines for Club-Owned Boats

Hoist subletting

Hoist wait list

The Hoist Wait List is updated as openings become available. Contact Waterfront Director for more information.

Boat Dock Launch or South Dock

boat launch

This dock is used for putting in or taking out motor boats on trailers or from mooring balls. New boat launch dock in 2024!

OYC life float on dock

Floating Dock

floating dock

This dock is used for picking up/dropping off boat passengers and for anything having to do with boating. Fishing is also allowed but the area should be easily accessed by boaters. 

Leeward Side Docking


For more information about sailing at the OYC, contact Jim Kusche, Sailing Director at rcoyc@oyc.com

Personal Watercraft at OYC

Personal watercraft policy - click here to view.

Warning about Severe Weather

For information on water quality of Owasco Lake, information is now available by clicking on the link below: