Rules and Regulations

Code of Conduct

                            The primary mission of the Owasco Yacht Club is to offer social and recreational activities with                                     safe and easy access to Owasco Lake 

for members, their families and guest using the Club facilities. 

This goal can only be achieved with the cooperative effort of the membership 

and the dedicated administration of the Board of Directors.

To attain the goals listed above, a Code of Conduct must be maintained. The Board may amend this code as well the OYC Rules and Regulations as needed. 

Rules and Regulations

Being a part of a member owned organization such as the Owasco Yacht Club, comes with responsibilities.  

General Rules

Leave of Absence Policy

Effective October 1, 2015

We understand that there are times when members may have the need to temporarily suspend their Club membership.

 If this is the case, the membership should contact the Club Treasurer to submit a Request for Leave of Absence        governed by the following rules: