Rules and Regulations

Code of Conduct

The primary mission of the Owasco Yacht Club is to offer social and recreational activities with safe and easy access to Owasco Lake for members, their families and guest using the Club facilities. This goal can only be achieved with the cooperative effort of the membership and the dedicated administration of the Board of Directors.

To attain goals listed above, a Code of Conduct must be maintained. The Board may amend this code as well the OYC Rules and Regulations as needed.

  • Loud and/or offensive language and obscene or otherwise inappropriate behavior is forbidden.

  • Members are responsible for damage incurred by their family and guests.

  • Any member who willfully or carelessly causes such damage shall pay for that damage to the Club or privately owned property.

  • If a member has a complaint, it should be signed by the member and given to a Board Member or sent to All submissions will be given serious consideration and will be acted upon as needed.

  • The Board of Directors reserves the right to terminate or suspend any membership in violation of the Code of Conduct or Rules and Regulations with just cause.

Rules and Regulations

Being a part of a member owned organization such as the Owasco Yacht Club, comes with some responsibilities.

  • We should take great pride in our Club.

  • In an effort to provide the same opportunities and enjoyment for every member, Rules and Regulations have been drafted as a part of the Code of Conduct.

  • Please uphold these rules.​

General Rules

  1. Children under the age of 12 cannot be left at the Club without adult supervision by parent or qualified adult.

  2. No parking next to the clubhouse or over/on any sidewalks.

  3. Pets are not allowed on Club grounds.

  4. Picnic tables, grills and fire pits cannot be reserved and are to be shared by all. Please be considerate of others. Tablecloths are not allowed to be left overnight to “reserve” a spot for the next day, or placed in the morning and left unused until an evening event.

  5. Any Club property should be returned to its proper location after use. i.e. toys, games, kitchen trays etc.

  6. Fishing is allowed from the shores of OYC (away from the swimming area) and from the launch or the floating dock. Fishing is not allowed from the swim dock but is allowed from private docks with the permission of the dock owner.

  7. The Steward's cabin, clubhouse kitchen, garage and storage rooms and ice machine are off limits to unauthorized members.

  8. Smoking is not permitted near play areas, swimming area, in the clubhouse or around other people. Please be considerate of those who may have allergies to second-hand smoke.

Leave of Absence Policy

Effective October 1, 2015

We understand that there are times when members may have the need to temporarily suspend their Club membership.

If this is the case, the membership should contact the Club Treasurer to submit a Request for Leave of Absence governed by the following rules:

  • Send written notice to the Club Treasurer with your request prior to the start of a new season.

  • Members may go on leave for two years.

  • At the start of each year, a $50 Leave Fee will be collected by the Club Treasurer.

  • At the end of the two-year period, an extension may be granted with board approval for special circumstances.

  • On the third year of leave, the membership will terminate if no extension for special circumstance has been granted.

  • Members on Leave have no rights and are considered guests and will follow the Guest Policy guidelines.

  • Members on Leave are removed from the Hoist Wait List and relinquish their shore or mooring space.

  • If a member returns three to five years after leaving without a granted extension, one half of the Initiation Fee will be charged.

  • If a member returns five or more years after leaving, a full Initiation fee will be charged.

  • Members who are officially on leave prior to October 1, 2015 are grandfathered in and the previous Leave Policy will be in effect for those members only.