Guest policy & check in

Guest Policy & Guest Check In

  • Members have preferential use of Club facilities and watercraft, however, we welcome members in good standing.*

to invite guest(s) to enjoy "our place on the lake."

  • A guest may visit up to five (5) times per season regardless of who they are guests of.

      • Members should sign in any guests

  1. by completing the form on this page, or

  2. in the guest book in the clubhouse.

      • Guests who wish to visit more often are encouraged to apply for membership.

      • Members who are on leave are considered guests.

      • Houseguests of a member who live more than 50-111 miles from the OYC may enjoy full membership privileges during their stay when accompanied by the member.

      • Members with boats may take guests on their boats at any time.

      • Under special circumstances, the board of directors may make exceptions to this policy.

*A member in good standing has all current dues and fees paid in full.

Thank you for doing your part to keep us all safe and to have an enjoyable experience at Owasco Yacht Club.

Guest check in form

  • Please complete the form providing the requested information for each of your guests, then click Submit at the bottom of the form.