Swim Area

Various roped in areas for all swim abilities.

Certified lifeguards

Comfortable seating area.

Waterfront & Boating

  • Waterfront Director, Dave Morris is responsible for shore and mooring locations, boat parking facilities, boat docks, Club boats and equipment.


  • All boats and trailers left at OYC, including kayaks and canoes, must have an OYC identification sticker on them.

  • They are available from the Waterfront Director.


  • The director will assign a spot where boats and trailers are to be kept for the season.

Waterfront Policies

  • More detailed policies are found under Rules and Regulations. Click the link below to go there.

Use of club owned boats

  1. The lifeguard boat is for the exclusive use of the lifeguards and must be kept free for emergency use at all times. In the case of a shortage of oars, the lifeguard boat oars must be kept as a complete set.

  2. The two (2) Club rowboats are for use by boat owners who have boats moored. Club rowboats must not be left at moorings.

  3. Children are not allowed to use rowboats without adult supervision.

  4. The Committee Boat is for the use of the Race Committee and an authorized list of members as designated by the Sailing Director.


  • OYC has a variety of boats available for general member use. They are listed below.

  • Please look for the OYC boat sticker to assure you are not using someone's personal boat.

  • 3 Sit on top kayaks that are located directly in front of the deck or near the south end rack

  • 2 Sunfish sailboats

  • 1 Laser sailboat

  • 2 Hobie 14 foot catamarans

  • 2 Aluminum canoes

  • 1 Paddleboat

Paddles and life jackets for all the above boats and are located under the main deck.

Age restrictions

  • No one under the age of 12 shall be allowed to take a boat without parental “on-the-water” supervision.

  • Members age 13-15 requires direct visual parental supervision.

  • Members age 16 and under shall not take boats further than Martin Point from shore, not beyond Martin Point northward and no farther south than the south-most mooring buoy without adult supervision. Demonstrated ability and/or a Junior Sailing Certificate are considered to extend this limit on a per use basis (due to varying weather conditions) with parental permission so stated on the release form.

Other guidelines for Club Owned Boats

  • It is recommended that anyone under the age of 18 should pass a swimmer raft test.

  • Members must sign a “Use Form” prior to taking a Club-owned boat out and again upon the return of the boat.

  • In the event of threatening conditions Lifeguards will sound repeated blasts from an air horn. All Club-owned boats must immediately return to shore.

  • Appropriate life jackets (PFD) must be worn at all times while using.

  • Club-owned boats.

  • All Club owned boats shall be returned one hour prior to sunset unless.

  • participating in an OYC scheduled boating event.

  • Any lost or damaged equipment is the responsibility of the member using the boat.

  • Failure to follow these procedures will cause a member’s boat use privileges to be revoked.

  • Usage shall follow the priority rating shown below:

      1. 1st – OYC Junior Activities,

      2. 2nd – OYC Activities,

      3. 3rd – Reserved Usage,

      4. 4th – Open Usage

Hoist subletting

  • If members are not going to use their assigned shore or mooring space during a given season, they must notify the Waterfront Director.

  • A member may leave his hoist or mooring space vacant for one year, or

  • A member may sublet their hoist or mooring space for one year with the approval of the Waterfront Director. Subletting will be done from the waiting list maintained by the Waterfront Director.

  • Reassignment of shore or mooring space will be made by the Waterfront Director. Reassignments will be made according to the waiting list.

  • Terms of purchasing or subletting hoists, mooring equipment, etc., will be negotiated between the buyer and seller.

  • Positioning of the mooring buoys and the type of ground tackle used must be approved by the Waterfront Director.

  • The shore or mooring space waiting list will be updated and published annually.

Hoist wait list

The Hoist Wait List is updated as openings become available. Contact Waterfront Director for more information.

Boat Dock Launch or South Dock

boat launch

This dock is used for putting in or taking out motor boats on trailers or from mooring balls.

OYC life float on dock

Floating Dock

floating dock

This dock is used for picking up/dropping off boat passengers and for anything having to do with boating. Fishing is also allowed but the area should be easily accessed by boaters.

  • Boats should never be left at this dock for extended periods.

  • Sunbathing is not allowed here.

Leeward Side Docking

  • This is where sailor's boats get launched from the hoist at the Floating Dock so the wind doesn't blow them into the dock.

  • When the wind is out of the south (towards Moravia), the Leeward side of the dock is north (the side closest to Emerson Park).

  • Winds can change direction so please be aware.

Warning about Severe Weather

  • If you're caught in bad weather and need to get back to shore, don't tie up to the Boat Launch Dock.

  • If you have to tie up in an emergency, it's best to do so at the Floating Dock.

  • Better yet, be aware of sudden weather changes and get off the lake before trouble hits.

Personal watercraft policy - click here to view.